Sentence Examples

  • An open-cup bustier has a corset-like fit in the torso, when it is purchased in a boned design, but it can also be found in a "light" look that simply stretches over the midsection.
  • Lingerie makers rose to the challenge with the long-line corset, which fastened around the waist and was boned through the front so that it clung to the body like a merry widow.
  • Boned Bustier: Some bustiers are constructed with boning inside, which is a strong but flexible addition to give shape to foundation garments, not unlike an underwire bra.
  • In height, large-boned, slim, erect and sinewy.
  • But only slight modifications are required to produce the Tornaria larva of the Enteropneusta and other larvae, including the special type that is inferred from the Dipleurula larval stages of recent forms to have characterized the ancestor of the Echinoderms. We cannot enter here into all the details of comparison between these larval forms; amid much that is hypothetical a few homologies are widely accepted, and the preceding account will show the kind of relation that the Echinoderms bear to other animals, including what are now usually regarded as the ancestors of the Chordata (to which back-boned animals belong), as well as the nature of the evidence that their study has been, or may be, made to yield.