Sentence Examples

  • The basic step is relatively easy - it's a "box step", with the follow mirroring the lead's steps exactly (unlike the Bolero, for example, which has different steps for the male or female basic step).
  • If a strapless gown is not the best option for your shape or you would feel more comfortable with sleeves, consider adding a wedding bolero jacket or buying a dress with a halter style neckline.
  • So many ballroom and partner dances have come from Latin America that the vast majority of the population is familiar with such Spanish-derived names as Bolero, Lambada, and Merengue.
  • Or, of course, you can go in the opposite direction and opt for a jacket as short as a bolero, worn over a slim blouse or perhaps a camisole, as best suits you and the suit.
  • Sleeveless shifts with sequined details look the dressy part and look cute with a bolero jacket worn on top; this is especially ideal if you're trying to conceal heavy arms.