Sentence Examples

  • In Tahiti, Moorea 4045 ft., Raiatea 3389, Bola-Bola 2165).
  • That which dries on the incisions in the tree is called " bola " or " burucha," and is said to be highly prized in New York.
  • Bola and Pedum were probably in the same neighbourhood, Labici on an outlying summit (Monte Compatri) of the Alban Hills below Tusculum, and Corbio (probably at Rocca Priora) on a rocky summit east of the same city.
  • Bola was an Assyrian term for Bael or Bel, the god of the Phoenicians and Druids.
  • In the middle of the 19th century this school was best represented by Hjalmar Jonsson from Bola (1796-1875), a poor farmer ' E.g.

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