Sentence Examples

  • Bling bling was further cemented into public consciousness when, in 2003, the Oxford English Dictionary made the word, along with the slang terms "jiggy," "dope," and "phat," official by adding them to the renowned dictionary.
  • Making for more tabloid fodder, Paris was burglarized five times, the first time in October 2008, by the Bling Ring, a group of Hollywood teenagers that broke into the homes of celebrities and stole their possessions.
  • A tongue-in-cheek take on Easter, this is for the guy who's not too serious and even likes his bunny to sport some bling (the Easter Bunny on these shorts wears a shiny chain and egg pendant around his neck).
  • There are sets with classic, simple lines when the goal is a more elegant appearance, as well as showy sets with plenty of glitz for those whose fashion philosophy is "the more bling the better."
  • VH1's 2007 reality series My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding not only took wedding bling to a whole new level but also offered audiences a sneak peak at a future Real Housewife of New Jersey.