Sentence Examples

  • Publishing, on the other hand, has drifted away, only a few leading houses - such as those of Blackwood, Chambers and Nelson - still making the Scottish capital their headquarters.
  • Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, 1st marquess of Dufferin and Ava >>
  • Escott, Blackwood (1894), pp. 156, 53 2; " Bibliography of Periodical Literature," by F.
  • D'Entrecasteaux (1793) and Dumont d'Urville (1827-1840), the eastern coasts were surveyed by Captains F.P. Blackwood (1835).
  • Mill in the 'Westminster Review (reprinted in Dissertations), and from Ferrier in Blackwood (reprinted in Lectures and Remains, ii).