Sentence Examples

  • Antecedent poliomyelitis was demonstrated in all patients by electromyography or muscle biopsy or both.
  • A brain biopsy (surgical gathering of a small tissue sample) may be recommended in some cases in which treatment has thus far been ineffective and the cause of the encephalitis is unclear.
  • Physical examination and routine x rays may yield enough evidence to diagnose benign bone tumors, but removal of tumor tissue for microscopic analysis (biopsy) is the only sure way to rule out malignancy.
  • The biopsy provides information about the type of cancer, its stage, the aggressiveness of the cancer in invading nearby tissue or organs, and the extent of metastases at diagnosis.
  • If you suffer from gluten allergy, you may experience many of the more severe symptoms as your immune system produces antibodies for gluten, but in such cases a celiac disease biopsy will usually be negative.