Bill Of Attainder Definition

A legislative act that pronounces a person guilty of a crime and imposes an attainder. The US Constitution prohibits bills of attainder.
American Heritage
A legislative enactment by which a person, without benefit of a trial, is pronounced guilty of a crime, orig. a capital crime, esp. treason: prohibited in the U.S. by the Constitution.
Webster's New World
Any legislative act that imposed a sentence of death and attainder upon one or more specific individuals or groups without a trial or other judicial proceeding.
Webster's New World Law

In United States constitutional law, any legislative act that prescribes a punishment on one or more specific individuals or groups or denies them of civil or political rights without a trial or other judicial proceeding. Such enactments are prohibited by the United States Constitution. See also attainder, bill of pains and particulars, and civil death.

Webster's New World Law

(law) A legislative determination imposing punishment without trial; prohibited under the United States Constitution.


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bill of attainder

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