Sentence Examples

  • The Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring begins some fifty years later, with an elderly Bilbo contemplating one last adventure, and planning to give up his home and fortune - enhanced by dragon-gold - to his nephew and heir Frodo.
  • They meet up with the sad, strange creature Gollum, from whom Bilbo had found the ring many years ago, and are forced to enlist his treacherous self into their company to further their own goals and prevent him from giving them away.
  • In Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring, we learn, as hero Frodo learns, that the ring that Bilbo brought back from his adventures isn't a simple party trick or handy gadget, but is a powerful and dangerous talisman.
  • Hitherto very much an observer of life, pottering about his house and reading books to satisfy his longing for adventure, Bilbo discovers that real-life (well, fantasy-life) adventure is often uncomfortable and even scary.
  • Like Frodo, they were diminished as the One Ring was destroyed and together with Bilbo, the final ring bearers left Middle Earth to journey into the west at the end of the tale.