Sentence Examples

  • Cabrera, Cuba y sus Jueces (Havana, 1887; 9th ed., Philadelphia, 1895; 8th ed., in English, Cuba and the Cubans, Philadelphia, 1896); P. de Alzola y Minondo, El Problema Cubano (Bilbao, 1898); various works by R.
  • Bilbao; Count de Belvedere (ii,000) near Burgos; reserves (57,000) were assembling about Segovia, Talavera and Cordova; Catalonia was held by 23,000, and Madrid had been reoccupied.
  • The difficulty he found in obtaining supplies was very great, for the coast towns - and notably Bilbao - were constitutional in politics.
  • Lawyers and orators are never wanting in Spanish-American states, and revolution succeeded revolution in one continuous struggle for the spoils 1 The romance of his life has been admirably written by Manuel Bilbao (1st ed., Lima, 1853; 2nd ed., Buenos Aires, 1867).
  • From Miranda to Mora the Bilbao-Tarragona railway follows the course of the Ebro along the right bank.