Sentence Examples

  • General elections are held biennially, in evennumbered years, on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, and candidates, except those for the supreme court bench and a few local offices, are nominated at a direct primary election, held the second Tuesday in September.
  • Regular sessions of the legislature are held biennially, in odd-numbered years, and begin on the second Monday in January.
  • Milwaukee is governed under a city charter of 1874, providing the form of city government most common in America, a mayor (elected biennially) and a single board of aldermen.
  • The legislature, or General Assembly, meets biennially in evennumbered years, at Annapolis, and consists of a Senate and a House of Delegates.
  • The legislature, which meets biennially at Honolulu, consists of a Senate of 15 members holding office for four years, and a House of Representatives of 30 members holding office for two years.