Sentence Examples

  • Bern was in command and was seriously wounded in the last pitched battle of the war, fought there on the 9th of August.
  • As a soldier Bern was remarkable for his excellent handling of artillery and the rapidity of his marches.
  • After a year of zealous work as preacher and director he was sent by the bishop, Claude de Granier, to try and win back the province of Chablais, which had embraced Calvinism when usurped by Bern in 1535, and had retained it even after its restitution to Savoy in 1564.
  • Thus his " studious and sedentary life " passed pleasantly enough, interrupted only at rare intervals by boyish excursions of a day or a week in the neighbourhood, and by at least one memorable tour of Switzerland, by Basel, Zurich, Lucerne and Bern, made along with Pavilliard in the autumn of 1755.
  • Of Bern, and 31 m.