Sentence Examples

  • Packed with celebrities and all manner of fashion folks, the occasion is often virtually attended by avid fashion fans, who can follow their favorite designers online at the official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week website, as well
  • The bikini-wearing regular actually made several appearances on the runway at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and was also seen in a deep v-neck one piece monokini and a traditional halter-top bikini with embellished straps.
  • The first practical gasoline powered automobile was invented by German engineer Karl Benz in 1885 and led to the first production of the "horseless coach."
  • Both men laid the tracks for inventors to come: Benz with his three-wheeled vehicle and gas-powered engine and Daimler with a bicycle-powered motor.
  • Benz-oxazoles and -thiazoles have been prepared, benz-isoxazoles are known as indoxazenes; benzo-pyrazoles occur in two structural forms, named indazoles and isindazoles.