Belave Definition


To lave or wash about; wash all over; wash.


(archaic, intransitive) To remain, continue; to belay.


(archaic, intransitive) To be alive.


Origin of Belave

  • From Middle English bilaven (“to wash all over”), from bi-, be- + laven (“to wash, pour water on”), from Old English lafian, ġelafian (“to pour water on, refresh”), from Proto-Germanic *labōną (“to refresh, strengthen”), from Proto-Indo-European *lōbh- (“to strengthen oneself, rest”), equivalent to be- +‎ lave. Cogante with Dutch laven (“to refresh”), German laben (“to refresh”). More at lave.

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  • Anomalous alteration of beleve (“to remain, be alive”) and belive (“to remain, stay”), both from Middle English beliven (“to remain”), from Old English belīfan (“to remain”), from Proto-Germanic *bilībaną (“to remain”), from Proto-Indo-European *lip- (“to stick, glue”). Cognate with Dutch blijven (“to remain”), German bleiben (“to remain”). More at belive, leave.

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