Sentence Examples

  • Rejuvenating: Rosemary, bergamot, juniper, lemongrass, pure peppermint, pepperwood, bearberry, sage, chromium, eucalyptus, mandarin orange and tangerine.
  • A. alpina, the Black Bearberry, has trailing stems and white or flesh-colored flowers.
  • Scheele; it occurs in the leaves of the bearberry, in pomegranate root-bark, in tea, in gall-nuts to the extent of about 3%, and in other vegetable productions.
  • - Tannic acid is present in small quantities in the great majority of plants, but in notable quantity in gall-nuts, oak bark, bearberry leaves, rhatany root, catechu, kino, red gum, bael fruit, logwood and witch hazel, all of which are largely used as medicines.