Sentence Examples

  • From that moment began new plots for the escape of the prisoners from the Temple, the chief of which were engineered by the Chevalier de Jarjayes, 1 the baron de Batz, 2 and the faithful Lady Atkyns.
  • 2 Jean, baron de Batz (1761-1822), attempted to carry off the dauphin in 1794.
  • Lenotre, Un Conspirateur royaliste pendant la Terreur, le baron de Batz (1896).
  • 17, 1793) several unsuccessful attempts were made by her friends to rescue her and her children, among others by Jarjayes, Toulan and Lepitre, and the "baron de Batz," and negotiations for her release or exchange were even opened with Danton; but as the allied armies approached her trial and condemnation became a certainty.

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