Sentence Examples

  • It is safe to assume that the original draft of this, afterwards enlarged by his pupil, Alfric Bata, was by Alfric, and represents what his own scholar days were like.
  • So costly was this victory, however, that Bata, finding he could not reduce Neustadt, retraced his steps and established himself in his magnificent tent (whence the name "golden") on the Volga.
  • Close by, at Bata Tulis (" inscribed stone"), are some Hindu remains.
  • Ftik al-Bata!ibi, who took the title al-Mamn.
  • The high sierras are frequented by condors and eagles of the largest size, and the whole country by the common vulture, while the American ostrich (Rhea americanus) and a species of large stork (the bata or jaburu, Mycteria americans; maximum height, 8 ft.; spread of wings, 8 ft.

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