Sentence Examples

  • He was insulted by the chevalier de Rohan, replied with his usual sharpness of tongue, and shortly afterwards, when dining with the duke of Sully, was called out and bastinadoed by the chavelier's hirelings, Rohan himself looking on.
  • The French ambassador, de la Haye, had delayed bringing him the customary gifts, with the idea that he would, like his predecessors, speedily give place to a new grand vizier; Kuprili was bitterly offended, and, on pretext of an abuse of the immunities of diplomatic correspondence, bastinadoed the ambassador's son and cast him and the ambassador himself into prison.
  • For seven years, from 1611 to 1618, he was ambassador at the Turkish court, where he amassed a fortune of some 16,000 sterling by doubtful means, and was bastinadoed by order of the sultan for his frauds.
  • The fellah is thus deprived of his harvest and falls into arrears with his taxes, and is harassed and bastinadoed to force him to pay his debts.

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