Sentence Examples

  • SULA ISLANDS (Sulla, Xulla; Dutch Soela), a chain of islands forming a prolongation of the eastern peninsula of Celebes and the Banggai Islands, Dutch East Indies.
  • The natives of Taliabu are allied to those of the Banggai Islands and the eastern peninsula of Celebes; but immigrant Malays are the principal inhabitants.
  • To this residency also belong the state of Banggai in East Celebes, and the Banggai Islands.
  • Of the numerous considerable islands which lie north-east, east and south of Celebes (those off the west coast are few and small), the chief are prolongations of the four great peninsulas - the Sangir and Talaut islands off the north-east, the Banggai and Sula off the east, Wuna and Buton off the south-east, and Saleyer off the south.