Sentence Examples

  • While the band-aid designs do have the potential to come out looking fantastic, unfortunately a lot of people tend to meet frustration and mess before they are greeted with flawless looking nails.
  • Carefully remove the band-aid and, if you have been cautious and meticulous, the original color of polish will show up in the shape of perfect hearts, stars, or whatever else you have chosen!
  • Band-Aid bandages are available in a variety of sizes, but scrapes on legs, hips or large areas of the knees that have occurred from a fall may require a bandage that covers a larger area.
  • Inspired by Do They Know It's Christmas, a charity song recorded by UK's Band-Aid to raise money for African famine, Belafonte wanted to put together a similar project in the USA.
  • Band-Aid brand bandages are a popular choice for superficial scrapes that cover relatively small areas.