Sentence Examples

  • Edetate calcium disodium (EDTA calcium) and dimercaprol (BAL) are given through an intravenous line or in shots, while succimer (Chemet) and penicillamine (Cuprimine, Depen) are taken by mouth.
  • The chief spokesman, Bal Thackery, called lesbianism "a sort of social AIDS" and worried that it would spread and lead to the eventual extinction of humanity.
  • The Bal Togs long sleeve metallic plus mock unitard offers the same custom look with liquid colors like copper, leather, and hot pink.
  • One of the Bal-kand, dated Sambat 1661, nineteen years before the poet's I See Indian Antiquary, xxii.
  • With the band dependent from the conical hat of Marduk-bal-iddin II.