Sentence Examples

  • In 1863, however, Bah& declared himself to be " He whom God shall manifest " (Man Yuz-hiruhu'llah, with prophecies of whose advent the works of the Bab are filled), and called on all the Babis to recognize his claim.
  • Water, at ordinary or slightly elevated temperatures, is decomposed more or less readily, with evolution of hydrogen gas and formation of a basic hydrate, by (I) potassium (formation of KHO), sodium (NaHO), lithium (LiOH), barium, strontium, calcium (BaH 2 O 2, &c.); (2) magnesium, zinc, manganese (MgO 2 H 2, &c.).
  • 654; Bah aldin Zuhair, encomiast of al-Salib, d.
  • Thorbecke, Geschichte der Universited Heidelberg (Stuttgart, 1886); the Urkundenbuch der Universiteit Heidelberg, edited by Winkelmann (Heidelberg, 1886); Bah:, Die Entfiihrung der Heidelberger Bibliothek nach Rom (Leipzig, 1845); and G.