Sentence Examples

  • In November 1827 he once more returned to the United States and bade farewell to public life.
  • Dorothy held Eureka in her arms and bade her friends a fond good-bye.
  • They did not kill him, but they drove him out of the city and bade him never return.
  • He bade farewell to his friends, inquired after the health of Drusus's daughter who was ill, and then quietly expired in the arms of the wife who for more than fifty years had been his most intimate and trusted guide and counsellor, and to whom his last words were an exhortation to "live mindful of our wedded life."
  • The part of Syracuse in general Sicilian affairs has been traced in the article Sicily; but one striking scene is wholly local, when the defeated Ducetius took refuge in the hostile city (451), and the common voice of the people bade "spare the suppliant."