Sentence Examples

  • It's a backwater AOC in France but don't stick one's Gallic nose up at the region, there are good-value wines to be found and this Rosè from Mas Grand Plagniol is one of them, blended from Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault.
  • Abrams Star Trek film, a nod was made to Enterprise when Scotty revealed he was assigned to the backwater station after transporting Admiral Archer's favorite beagle somewhere into the ether.
  • Unfortunately for Jill, Rex' ex-cellmate hired a waitress from a backwater who bore some resemblance to Katherine and helped her to take over Katherine's life.
  • Meshra-er-Rek, the chief station and trading centre of the first European visitors to the country, is on a backwater south of this lake.
  • Here it broadens into Lake Ibrahim (Kioga) (in reality a vast backwater of the Nile discovered by Colonel Chaille Long in 1874), and continues navigable (save for sudd obstacles at times) right through Lake Ibrahim and thence northwards for loo m.