Sentence Examples

  • All The Lyrics - All the Lyrics doesn't take it all the way back to 1980 with Depeche Mode, but it does have a solid collection of their lyrics, including lyrics to special versions of songs and b-side tracks.
  • Think was released as a single on May 2, 1968 in the 7-inch format with the b-side You Send Me. The song also appeared as an album track on Aretha Now.
  • The song was made available in both CD single and digital download formats - the CD single came with the b-side If I Were a Movie.
  • Internationally, it was released as a maxi single (similar to an EP, a maxi single with a single with more than one B-side).
  • This song, by The Smiths, was originally issued as the b-side to their single William It Was Really Nothing in 1984.