Sentence Examples

  • Perhaps the automaker CEOs and the governments and consumers they want to please will have the last word in automobile industry current trends, but changes to long-standing traditions are certainly upon us.
  • By 2005, Kia had transformed its former "throw-away" reputation into that of an innovative automaker with unique style, high-quality engineering and design, and a flair for offering "cool" vehicles.
  • The automaker chose to do this by offering not only better quality than ever before but also more standard features, perks and technology that most other car makers only offer as expensive options.
  • Toyota began receiving complaints about acceleration issues in 2008, and the automaker began considering a recall at that time. 2008 also saw a Toyota recall of the 2008 Toyota Highlander SUV.
  • Over time, the automaker discovered that, in certain models, the gas pedal could remain depressed after the driver removed his or her foot, causing unintended acceleration of the vehicle.