Sentence Examples

  • Six or seven species of mosquitoes are also the intermediate hosts of Filaria immitis, which infests the right auricle and pulmonary artery of the dog, and occurs throughout the tropics, in southern Europe, the United States of America, and elsewhere.
  • Each auricle forms the terminal enlargement of the efferent vein of the ctenidium of its own side.
  • B, buccal mass; m, retractor muscles of the buccal mass; ov, ovary; od, oviduct; i, coils of intestines; ao, aorta; c', left auricle; c, ventricle.
  • Aperture by which the left auricle joins the ventricle.
  • A form of contraction intermediate in character between the tonic and the rhythmic is met in the auricle of the heart of the toad.