Sentence Examples

  • In February 1793 he entered the service of the emperor as an imperial aulic councillor.
  • In 1497 he set up a new Aulic council or Hof rat, the members of which were chosen by himself, and to this body he gave authority to deal with all the business of the Empire.
  • Lutherans sat among the judges Adminis- of the Reic/sskammergericht, and the Aulic Council, or trave, Hofrat, established by Maximilian I.
  • (1637-1657) was forced to yield Alsace to France, to grant territorial supremacy, including the right of making The peace alliances, to the states of the Empire, and to acknowof West- ledge the concurrent jurisdiction of the imperial phalia, chamber and the Aulic council.
  • This had been originally organized in a series of departments: Aulic chanceries for Austria, for Hungary and Transylvania, a general Aulic chamber for finance, domains, mines, trade, post, &c., an Aulic council of war, a general directory of accounts, and a chancery of the household, court and state.

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