Sentence Examples

  • Visa Gift Card credit card debt consolidation can be an expensive option, however, since there are sometimes hefty fees associated with prepaid credit cards especially when your intent is to pull cash out at an ATM or at a bank.
  • Gene therapy: Scientists are starting to test the efficiency of gene therapy protocols in mice and are simultaneously developing a new gene therapy protocol for A-T which would allow for stable, long-term production of the ATM protein.
  • But the cloning of the ATM gene responsible for A-T as of 2004 allows physicians or cancer genetics professionals to conduct genetic testing, analyzing patients' DNA to look for A-T mutations in the ATM gene.
  • The cloning and sequencing of the ATM gene has opened several avenues of research with the goal of developing better treatment, including gene therapy and the design of drugs for more effective treatments.
  • Your Experian credit report, credit, debit, and ATM card protection, million-dollar insurance, email alerts for changes, fraud resolution assistance, and more are all part of the program with this service.