Sentence Examples

  • P. Ashe and Mackay only redeemed their lives by presents.
  • A'Court Ashe, History of North Carolina (2 vols., Greensboro, 1908) are general surveys.
  • P. Ashe, Two Kings of Uganda (1889) and Chronicles of Uganda (1894), Sir H.
  • From the same source sprang the report of Swift's marriage to Stella by Bishop Ashe in the deanery garden at Clogher in the summer of 1716.
  • A-She-ho, on the Ashe, with a population of 60,000; Petuna (Chinese, Singchung), on the Sungari, population 30,000; San-sing, near the junction of the Sungari and Mutan-kiang; La-lin, 120 m.