Sentence Examples

  • Next, according to notes discovered by Frances Darwin, his father temporarily abandoned his work in order to visit Ascot.
  • The principal race is that for the Ascot Gold Cup, instituted in 1807.
  • Pop. of parish of Ascot Heath (1901), 1927.
  • Going in state to Ascot the queen was hissed by some ladies as her carriage drove on to the course, and two peeresses, one of them a Tory duchess, were openly accused of this unseemly act.
  • Complaints are often raised about the cruelty of what is called tame stag hunting, and it became a special subject of criticism that a pack should still be kept at the Royal kennels at Ascot (it was abolished in 1901) and hunted by the Master of the Buckhounds; but it is the constant endeavour of all masters and hunt servants to prevent the infliction of any injury on the deer.