Sentence Examples

  • In fact Kristen Stewart's makeup artist, Van Phue, was required to submit preliminary artwork before the first scene was shot, and she had to work closely with the restoration artist and sculptor, Kathy Shorkey, to create the wanted look.
  • While artwork and beauty are certainly in the eye of the beholder, some of the worst tattoos are blatantly unprofessional and so low in quality that even the least discerning eye would agree they qualify as an example of a bad tattoo.
  • In particular, the Leo fairy is a contemporary fictional concept popularly distributed in the form of artwork by Jessica Galbreth, who created a series of stunning paintings of Zodiac fairies which she calls the Zodiac Collection.
  • You can remedy that quickly, however, with a few chosen items, such as coordinating bedding, throw pillows, posters, lamps, and other artwork, and some favorite mementos and knick knacks to decorate shelves and other surfaces.
  • When they reached Jackson's room, Elisabeth noticed her artwork and asked, "Where's the fall scene?"