Sentence Examples

  • The stomach then passes into an intestine, which in the Testicardines (Articulata) is short, finger-shaped and closed, and in the Ecardines (Inarticulata) is longer, turned back upon its first course, and ends in an anus.
  • The orders Atremata and Neotremata are frequently grouped together, as the sub-class Inarticulata or Ecardines - the Tretenterata of Davidson - and the orders Protremata and Telotremata, as the Articulata or Testicardines - i the Clistenterata of Davidson.
  • ARTICULATA, a zoological name now obsolete, applied by Cuvier to animals, such as insects and worms, in which the body displays a jointed structure.
  • - Zooid of Paludicella articulata (= ehrenbergi).