Sentence Examples

  • But although welcomed with enthusiasm Reaction on his return to Turin, he introduced a system of in the reaction which, if less brutal, was no less uncom- Italian promising than that of Austrian archdukes or Bourbon States.
  • 991), and among the later ones were the Austrian archdukes, Leopold and Leopold William, the former a brother and the latter a son of the emperor Ferdinand II.
  • From them it passed by marriage to the counts of Ferrette and afterwards to the archdukes of Austria.
  • But his incapacity was so notorious that the conduct of affairs was entrusted to a council of state, consisting of Prince Metternich (q.v.) with other ministers, and two archdukes, Louis and Francis Charles.
  • The archdukes (such was their official title) did not make their joyeuse entree into Brussels until the close of 1599.