Sentence Examples

  • Roman milestones and aqueducts also are found, and close by the now famous tomb of Apollophanes, with wall-paintings of animals and other ornamentation, was discovered in 1902; a description of it will be found in Thiersch and Peters, The Marissa Tombs, published by the Palestine Exploration Fund.
  • Are considerable remains of two aqueducts of the same period crossing a deep ravine.
  • He spent immense sums on buildings of all sorts, on quays and harbours, on fortifications, repairing the walls of cities and erecting castles in Thrace to check the inroads of the barbarians, on aqueducts, on monasteries, above all, upon churches.
  • For picturesqueness the site is not equalled in Cilicia, and it is worth while to trace the three fine aqueducts to their sources.
  • The water was conveyed by aqueducts, concealed below the surface, except when crossing a valley.