Sentence Examples

  • They are regarded as incorporeal hereditaments, and are either appendant or in gross.
  • A seignory appendant passes with the grant of the manor; a seignory in gross - that is, a seignory which has been severed from the demesne lands of the manor to which it was originally appendant - must be specially conveyed by deed of grant.
  • Advowsons are divided into two kinds, appendant and in gross.
  • Consequently where the right of patronage (the right of the patron to present to the bishop the person whom he has nominated to become rector or vicar of the parish to the benefice of which he claims the right of advowson) remains attached to the manor, it is called an advowson appendant, and passes with the estate by inheritance The distinction between nomination to a living and presentation is to be noted.
  • An advowson may also be partly appendant, and partly in gross, e.g.