Sentence Examples

  • The course of events harmonized with the anticlerical views of Talleyrand, and he gradually loosened the ties that bound him to the church.
  • General Plaza continued the anticlerical policy of his predecessor.
  • But it was unquestionably from Marcionite impulses that the new sects of the Paulicians and Bogomils arose; and in so far as the western Cathari, and the antinomian and anticlerical sects ' Marcion was the earliest critical student of the New Testament canon and text.
  • Nor did Henry want a French princess; his affections were fixed for the time on Anne Boleyn, and she was the hope of the anticlerical party.
  • The French government, anticlerical as it is at home, is the watchful and strenuous protector of the missions abroad; and it is evident that not a little political influence in foreign countries is gained thereby.