Sentence Examples

  • On the other hand, if laws of social phenomena, empirically generalized from history, can, when once suggested, be affiliated to the known laws of human nature; if the direction actually taken by the developments and changes of human society, can be seen to be such as the properties of man and of his dwelling-place made antecedently probable, the empirical generalizations are raised into positive laws, and sociology becomes a science."
  • Of Mantua, the author of Contraria legum Longobardorum, but withdrew this antecedently improbable suggestion (ib.
  • But, above all, it is antecedently certain that defection from the ordinary standard of morality would have precluded the success which the sophists unquestionably sought and won.
  • Manifestly all three propositions are antecedently improbable.
  • Antecedently to their separation from each other the Reformers took over the theology of Greek orthodoxy as a whole.

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