Sentence Examples

  • Her allergies caused a rheum discharge from her eyes and nose that caused her to want to take allergy pills so she wouldn't sniffle all day.
  • Those who suffer from any type of chronic symptoms, including neurological, respiratory, skin conditions and gastrointestinal conditions may use this type of diet to determine what specific foods are causing food intolerance or an allergy.
  • In a food allergy or sensitivity, when the child eats a particular food, (such as eggs, for example) usually by the time the eggs reach the stomach or the intestines, the body reads the presence of eggs as an allergen (something harmful).
  • At any rate, the breed is probably suitable for mild allergy sufferers, and moderate allergy sufferers can probably counteract some of their allergic reaction with frequent vacuuming as well as grooming their cat with pet wipes.
  • It sometimes has a characteristic pattern from the object containing the allergen, such as a glove allergy with clear demarcation on the hands, wrist, and arms where the gloves are worn, or on the earlobes by wearing earrings.