Sentence Examples

  • In the outer series is a circle divided by perforations into four sets, the numbers of aliquot parts being as 3: 4: 5: 6, followed by others which we need not further refer to.
  • Vortmann (Ber., 1890, 23, p. 2 753) dissolve phenol in caustic alkali, make the solution up to known volume, take an aliquot part, warm it to 60° C., and add decinormal iodine solution until the liquid is of a deep yellow colour.
  • Word meaning "some," "so many"), a term generally occurring in the phrase "aliquot part," and meaning that one quantity is exactly divisible into another; thus 3 is an aliquot part of 6.
  • Francigenis occidentalibus facile persuaderi poterat sua rura relinquere; nam Gallias per annos aliquot nunc seditio civilis, nunc fames, nunc mortalitas nimis afixerat.
  • This is a history of Spain from the earliest times down to 1456, and was printed at Granada in 1545, and also in the Rerum Hispanicarum Scriptores aliquot, by R.

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