Sentence Examples

  • Editions: Heinsius (Leiden, 1630); Fischer (Leipzig, 1783) � in Aldine Edition of Apuleius (Venice, 1521; Paris, 1532); Fell (Oxford, 1667).
  • The great Aldine Press made an important contribution to the work, by editiones principes of Hippocrates and Galen in the original.
  • The original MS. has vanished; but the "copy" supplied to the printers of the Aldine text was discovered by Mr. E.
  • Grosart in 1874, this edition of the Poetical works being reproduced in the "Aldine edition" in 1876.
  • But in 1513 Froben, who had just reprinted the Aldine Adagia, acquired through a bookseller-agent Erasmus' amended copy which had been destined for Badius.