Sentence Examples

  • Beginning scrapbookers often overlook the importance of typography, but creative font choices can easily add pizzazz to a simple layout.
  • The "markup" part comes from the art of typography, where magazine and book editors would "mark up" copy so that the typesetters would know what parts to make BOLD or italic or the like.
  • In some ways HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the heir to the finer arts of calligraphy, illumination, typesetting, and later layout and typography.
  • Before the invention of typography, pages of books, or anything of a broadside nature, were printed from woodcuts, i.e.
  • While aiming at that excellence of typography which renders his editions the treasures of the book-collector, he strove at the same time to make them cheap. We may perhaps roughly estimate the current price of his pocket series of Greek, Latin and Italian classics, begun in 1501, at 2S.