Sentence Examples

  • In plants with multinucleate cells, such as Albugo, Peronospora and Vaucheria, it is usually a uninucleate cell differentiated by separation of the nuclei from a multinucleate cell, but in Albugo bliti it is multinucleate, and in Sphaero plea it may contain more than one nucleus.
  • Plasmopara, &c. In Cystopus (Albugo) the "conidia" are abstricted in basipetal chain-like series from the ends of hyphae which come to the surface in tufts and break through the epidermis as white pustules.
  • 2, Albugo candida.
  • (1900); Stevens, "The Compound Oosphere of Albugo Bliti," Bot.
  • 28 (1899); "Gametogenesis and Fertilization in Albugo," ibid.

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