Sentence Examples

  • But when Ahmad Shah returned to Kabul the Sikhs rose once more and re-established their religion.
  • In return they all received provinces: NO obtained Samarkand; Ahmad, Ferghana; Yahya, Shash; Ilyas, Herat.
  • Of these Ahmad and his second son Isma`il overthrew the Saffarids (q.v.) and the Zaidites of Tabaristan; and thus the Samanids established themselves with the sanction of the caliph Motamid in their capital Bokhara.
  • Ahmad, who crossed from series of Arab immigrations, the last two of which are referred to the 13th and 15th centuries.
  • A force was equipped at Basra under Ahmad Feizi Pasha with the intention of occupying Kuwet; Mubarak thereupon appealed to Great Britain and action was taken which prevented the Turkish designs from being carried out.