Sentence Examples

  • As a contrast to the Ahmedabad mosques, the Kadam Rasul mosque at Gaur in Bengal possesses some characteristics which resemble those of the mosque of Tulun in Cairo, possibly due to the fact that it is entirely built in brick, with massive piers carrying pointed arches.
  • The District Of Ahmedabad lies at the head of the Gulf of Cambay, between Baroda and Kathiawar.
  • His son Khengayi fled to Ahmedabad to seek the assistance of the viceroy, who reinstated him in the sovereignty of Cutch, and Morvi in Kathiawar, and in the title of rao, about the year 1540.
  • AHMEDABAD, or Ahmadabad, a city and district of British India in the northern division of Bombay.
  • 1511 and 1514, described Ahmedabad as "very rich and well embellished with good streets and squares supplied with houses of stone and cement."