Sentence Examples

  • Typically one circuit takes you through one exercise for every muscle group, lifting heavy enough weights that you can lift for 10 to 15 repetitions to exhaustion before moving on to 60 seconds to two minutes of aerobics between each set.
  • Maybe there's a tai chi group that meets in the park every Saturday, discounts for swim aerobics at the local gym, yoga at the senior center, or special interest activities, such as Nordic Walking or biking.
  • While previously, legwarmers were generally confined to ballet dance studios and were worn to keep dancers' muscles warm and loose, part of 80s fads and fashions included taking legwarmers out of the ballet class and into aerobics class.
  • It isn't necessary to join a gym, take aerobics classes, or buy workout videos, but gradually increasing the duration and difficultly of an exercise program will build muscle and make your body burn fat and calories more efficiently.
  • Dancers are athletes, and cheerleading motions are often a mix of dance, aerobics and gymnastics, so it is very important for cheerleaders to focus just as much on their physical prowess as their choreography during training.