Sentence Examples

  • The majority of the deputies returned to the diet of 1861 were in favour of asserting their rights by a resolution of the House, instead of petitioning for them by an address to the crown; hence arose the two parties of the Addressers and the Resolutioners.
  • The object of the Addressers was to make the responsibility for a rupture rest on the Austrian government.
  • Under his direction the Addressers and the Resolutioners coalesced, and he was entrusted with the difficult and delicate negotiations with the crown, which aimed at effecting a compromise between the Pragmatic Sanction of 1719, which established the indivisibility of the Habsburg monarchy, and the March decrees of 1848.
  • The Diet was divided between the Addressers, led by Deak, and the "Resolutionists," led by Count Laszlo Teleki, and on the death of the latter Tisza succeeded him as the leader of the more radical party.

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