Sentence Examples

  • This medication is effective for anger, fear, grief or addictive craving; in fact, it can be tried for any emotional disorder.
  • With the advent of competitive ballroom dancing, dancing suddenly became as addictive as any sport, and when Dancing with the Stars incorporated celebrities into the mix, dance was set to come back into the forefront of American culture.
  • Seeing how it is consistently rated as one of the most addictive puzzle games of all time and one of the top video games that never get old, it should really come as little surprise that Tetris is so prevalent, even to this day.
  • There is not thought to be a single cause of substance abuse, though scientists are as of 2004 increasingly convinced that certain people possess a genetic predisposition which can affect the development of addictive behaviors.
  • While understanding the link between drug addiction and personality can be useful, it is dangerous to assume that having an addictive personality means that someone is destined to develop a problem with drugs or alcohol.