Sentence Examples

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  • The sacrifices and offerings were acknowledgments of divine bounty and means used to insure its continuance; the Arab was the " slave " of his god and paid him tribute, as slaves used to do to their masters, or subjects to their lords; and the free Bedouin, trained in the solitude of the desert to habits of absolute self-reliance, knew no master except his god, and acknowledged no other will before which his own should bend.
  • In the outburst of indignation, followed by increasing disaffection in Ireland, which this event produced, Grattan acted with conspicuous moderation and loyalty, which won for him warm acknowledgments from a member of the English cabinet.2 That cabinet, however, doubtless influenced by the wishes of the king, was now determined firmly to resist the Catholic demands, with the result that the country rapidly drifted towards rebellion.
  • Older histories are Alexander Hewatt, Historical Account of the Rise and Progress of the Colonies of South Carolina and Georgia (London, 1779), freely used by later writers; David Ramsay, History of South Carolina (2 vols., Charleston, 1809), little more than a reprint, without acknowledgments, of Hewatt; and William J.