Sentence Examples

  • These larvae are minute oval creatures with a comparatively short apically fringed caudal prolongation and furnished with two pairs of short two-clawed processes, which may represent the limbs of anthropods and possibly the two pairs of legs found in Acari of the family Eriophyidae.
  • Other large Arachnids have not been derived from the scorpions directly, but have independently developed from aquatic ancestors, and from one of these independent groups - probably through the harvest-men from the spiders - the Acari have finally resulted.
  • Other side - tending downwards from the scorpion towards the Acari - are the Pedipalpi, the spiders, the book-scorpions, the harvest-men and the water-mites.
  • - Holothyrus nitidissimus, one of the Acari; after Thorell.
  • - The Acari include a number of forms which are of importance and special interest on account of their parasitic habits.