Sentence Examples

  • A species of Acarus is recorded as infesting a store of powdered strychnine and feeding on that drug, so poisonous to larger organisms. Reference to literature (40).
  • (b) Pedibus 8-14; capite thoraceque unitis: Acarus, Phalangium, Aranea, Scorpio, Cancer, Monoculus, Oniscus.
  • (It is fair to say that these views were published in one of his later works.) In treatment of disease Hahnemann rejected entirely the notion of a vis medicatrix naturae, and was guided by his well-known principle 1 The itch (scabies) is really an affection produced by the presence in the skin of a species of mite (Acarus scabiei), and when this is destroyed or removed the disease is at an end.
  • In length, from the back of the human hand, which was caused by Acarus domesticus.
  • Keep down red spider (Acarus) in the more advanced houses by frequent syringings and a well-moistened atmosphere.